Lies We Believe

“I will never do that again,” “I will never over eat like that,” “I will never spend that much money again”

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We vow to ourselves that we won’t do certain behaviors and actions ever again. We promise ourselves over and over again that we won’t do it, only to find ourselves doing it again. Where do those lies come from? Sometimes these lies come from us, other people’s values and influences, or by Satan himself.

Satan is always trying to devalue us, and to make us think that God is not for us. He wants us to believe a lie about God and about ourselves. He tells us a lie, and makes it seem that it is true. When we buy into it, we own the lie as if this is what we truly believe, or accept as the truth about us and our circumstances.

Lies We Hear 

Growing up as a child, we are often influenced by our families, those in authority and friends who spoke both truth and lies into our life that we assumed as facts.

  • “You are stupid, you will never be as good as your sister or brother.”
  • “Strong boys never cry.”
  • “You are too fat.”
  • “You’re not very good looking.”

When we began to take them into our soul, we begin to list them as facts, and act as if this is really true about ourselves.

Lies Man Tell

  • “It’s all my bosses’ fault why I am not promoted”
  • “I lost my job because of the economic recession.”
  • “I lost job because my bosses’ friend took the job away from me.”
  • “I was not promoted because I didn’t get the support from my wife at home when I needed it most.”

Man lies about his work because he derives his identity from his work. God gave man work before He gave him a woman.

Lies Woman Tell

  • “I am too fat. I can’t compete with younger and beautiful woman.”
  • “I am not worth being loved, so I stayed in this abusive relationship because this is the best I can do.”
  • “He just trying to encourage me when he tells me that I am ugly and fat.”

Woman lies about how she feels about her relationships, because a woman was given to the man to be a helpmate. She finds her fulfillment in a home and being a helpmate.

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Who We Really Are

God wants us to go to the Word and find out who we really are. We are the most valuable being in the universe because it cost God, the Father, His Son, and it cost Jesus, His life for us. When we replace the lie with the truth of God’s word, we will gain freedom to speak the truth about who we are.

For a long time, I felt that God favored other people instead of me. Their lives looked better than mine. They had better jobs and better relationships. Therefore, I believed that God doesn’t love me the same way He loved others.

I knew this wasn’t right and that was the lie. As I began questioning God, new thoughts rose up in my spirit.

God is my greatest cheerleader, and He felt an extravagant love for me. There was nothing He wouldn’t do for me.

I replaced the negative thoughts with the truth, and this has brought such joy to my heart.

“If anyone loves me, he will keep my word, and my Father will love him, and we will come to him and make our home with him.” John 14:23, ESV

Replace the lies about yourself with the truth of God’s Word. When we learn to speak God’s Word about ourselves, we will be truthful to ourselves.

Father, I ask You to free me from all the lies I believed about myself. Unveil Your truth into my being so that I may see what You see about me and who I am. Free me from all the lies I believed from my childhood, and from other people’s influence. I will not be controlled by the lies of others, because I choose God’s freedom and to walk in truth. Thank You for freeing me from false identity, fear, confusion, and Satan’s deception.

In Jesus’ Name. Amen.


When You are Never Good Enough

“I’m so stupid. I will never get anything right.” “Why can’t you be like your sister or your brother? They’re so much smarter than you.” “If I make a mistake I will be punished by God.” “God doesn’t love me the way He loves others.” 

Poison thoughts…

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Family photo (Photo credit: – Annetta -)

Negative thoughts, stinking thinking, ungodly beliefs, lies from the enemy (Satan).  We all need to get rid of them. We have thoughts that don’t really belong to us, that helped to formulate who we think we are. These thoughts usually come from childhood experiences, from those in authority over us, or who had influence over us. We buy into the idea or lie that these thoughts tell us who we are. We allow them to play over and over in our mind, without ever examining is this really true about us.

My father said to me, “You are going to college, but you are stupid.”

I bought into these thoughts and got through life in college by barely making through on my grades.

The change came when I saw myself differently. I began to tell myself that I could graduate in three and half years, if I did 20 credits per semester. I told myself that I am getting all ‘A’s, and I began to speak that into my life. I choose to believe that “I could do all things through Christ who is strengthens me” (Philippians 4:13).

My friends and teachers laughed at me.

I studied hard and I got all ‘A’s. I graduated in three and half years and I was on the Dean’s list. With my grades, I was able to get a scholarship for graduate school.

The Word of God is the most powerful evicting agent you can use. If the thoughts didn’t come from God, you don’t want them circling around in your head. Let’s take back our mind by evicting all intruders.

“We use our powerful God tools for smashing warped philosophies, Tearing down barriers erected against the truth of God, fixing every loose thought and emotion and impulse into the structure of life shaped by Christ.” 2 Corinthians 10:5, MSG.

Get into a quiet place and close your eyes. Begin to allow the Holy Spirit to show you the most damaging thoughts. Write those thoughts down. For each of these negative thoughts, replace them with something positive. (For example, you have been saying, “I’m so dumb I can’t master this.” Replaced that thought, “With God’s help I am able to do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”)

Heavenly Father, forgive me for believing these negative thoughts about myself. I renounce and break agreement with that thought ____________________ (Name out that thought), and I replace it with this new thought _____________________ (Name the new thought out). Thank you for forgiving me and releasing me from these negative thoughts. In Jesus name. Amen.