On “Lord, Deliver Me From Me”


Brilliantly simple, but surprisingly powerful,  

I found this to be one of the most practical, helpful  

books I have ever read.  


Written with wisdom, love and authenticity,  

there is nothing superfluous here.  


This is a handbook for every believer, written by a  

veteran missionary who is a pillar of integrity  

and a great inspiration to the spiritual leaders

who know her.

-John Dawson, President Emeritus,

‘Youth With a Mission International’  

Lord, Deliver Me From Me

 How to stop becoming your own worst enemy 

a book

by Dr. Brenda Stratton 



Transforming Lives Through The Renewing Of Our Minds & Attitudes

Lord, Deliver Me From Me cover

A step-by-step handbook here – full of life-changing questions and answers, with practical applications to achieving a fulfilling relationship with God, others, and yourself.

This author passionately takes readers through sobering self analysis and revelations to uncover true healing and pure joy in the Lord and boldly asks:

–  Did you know that the way you handle the problems and issues in your life can be  the greatest hindrance in becoming the person you really want to become?

–  It is not your parents, spouse, children, co-worker, friend, or even the enemy of your soul (Satan) that is the greatest stumbling block to your life. It is “You.”

Have you ever wondered, “Why do I keep making the same wrong choices?” or

“Why can’t I get over this pain?”

Lord, Deliver Me From Me will help you to examine some of the issues that keep you from moving on in your life, and give you practical steps to overcome them.

This labor of love from Dr. Brenda Stratton addresses such dynamics as:

*  Forgiving myself

We may be able to forgive others, but most of the time we have a hard

time forgiving ourselves

*  What to do when we are angry at God

*  Getting rid of the skeleton in the closet

*  Moving on from toxic people

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Dr. Brenda Stratton has a passion to see individuals released from the emotional pain in their lives so they can become what God has intended for their lives to be.  

She is a dynamic speaker and missionary who presents to churches, spiritual retreats, conferences, and business workshops throughout the United States and internationally.  

The founder of “Message to the Nations” and “Life Transformation Ministry” she brings emotional healing to the hurting, wounded, brokenhearted, and abused having served served over 2000 people through ministry, resulting in life-changing testimonies. Her credentials include a M.A. in Education and a Pd.D in Christian Education.   

Dr. Brenda currently resides in Chesapeake, Virginia.   

For more information or bookings, call 757-277-9714 or E-mail drbstratton@me.com  Mail address: P.O. Box 2694, Chesapeake, VA 23327.


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