Overcoming Fear

“I cannot do this by myself.” “I am not qualified to do this and it requires more skills that I have.”

Have you ever let fear grip you so much that you became paralyzed?

Dream girl

Dream girl (Photo credit: @Doug88888)

I remember a time when I allowed fear to stop me from doing what God had called me to do. It was so dark, I felt like I was in a deep hole. I got my eyes off of God, and started to look at the ‘cannot’ and the ‘am not.’ Instead of looking at God and His ability to work through me, I looked at what I thought I couldn’t do, and didn’t have the ability to do.

Fear can stop you from accomplishing your dreams and vision.

I have the fear of failing and fear of speaking to large groups of people. I was often so nervous and afraid that people wouldn’t accept what I was saying, laugh at or make fun of me. I was paralyzed with fear.

God said to me, “Be not afraid of their faces: for I am with thee to deliver thee, saith the Lord.” Jeremiah 1:8

I learned that God will give me the grace and courage to speak. I had to believe in myself.

I entered the drama team and I started speaking before groups of people. People clapped and applauded when I took the stage. As I saw success, I began to believe that I can do this and people will listen. I found my voice when I did comedy. I went to win the Most Convincing, and Most Persuasive Speech Award in California State University.

It takes courage to do the things that you feel you are destined to do. God always gives you an assignment that is bigger than you. He would never get the credit, if it was something that you can do all by yourself from your box of tools. God gives us His assignment and gives us His tools to do it.

You are your greatest hindrance to reaching your goals. It is your beliefs and perspectives of the situation, not your spouse, parents, friends or those in authority over you who are standing in your way.

I like this definition of courage, “In spite of fear, I will do this action anyway.”

It doesn’t mean that you don’t experience the fear, but you can determine that you are going to do this through God’s help.

The greatest illustration in Scripture that we have is when we see Peter get out of that boat and walk on water. He didn’t determine first that the task was too great, and that no human being could really walk on water. He just got out of that boat and walked to Jesus. As long, as his eyes was focused upon Jesus, he did not fail. But the minute he took his eyes off Jesus, he started sinking.

Is there is a dream or vision you know you’re supposed to fulfill? Have you allowed fear to grip your heart?

Now get that dream and vision in mind. Write out three action points that you will start implementing this week. Start with one today!

Father, I Thank You for this enormous tasks that You have entrusted to me. It is not based on my capabilities, but it is based on Your abilities that You will work through me. I Thank You for trusting me with this task that while I cooperate with You to see accomplished. Thank You for the courage to begin, because Your word says, “I can do all things through Jesus Christ’s who strengthens me.” Amen.


2 thoughts on “Overcoming Fear

  1. Dr. Stratton, I needed so much to read this tonight. I see how confident and articulate you are that I would have never thought you struggled with fear. This is one of my action points right here, posting this comment and breaking off any agreement with fear and intimidation in Jesus’ name. Thanks for sharing.

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