A Tribute to My Mother, Sugar


I was your youngest child, … your baby. If the dictionary offered the definition of “an amazing woman,” it would have to add the name “Amanda Thelma Stratton” as the prime example. 


My mother, Amanda Thelma Stratton.

You were a very independent and smart woman, always trying to help your family and friends enriched their lives with your time, talents, abilities, advice, money and good cooking. I will surely miss your banana pudding– and I did not get the recipe).

My best supporter was you. Whatever I wanted to do or where ever I wanted to go, you would encourage me to go for it! With your wonderful gift of hospitality, you would make people feel loved, cared for, and then filled them with good food.

Some called you “Sugar,” some called you “Doll,” but I called you “Mommy.”

Thank you, mommy for being the best mother, a daughter could ever want or have. I praise God for all those wonderful times we spent together, especially before I left for Africa. And I am remembering something funny that you said, “I don’t like old because it’s ugly!”

Mommy, it has been a joy and privilege to be your daughter. And even though I miss you, I know I will see you in heaven one day.

I Love You, Brenda

Pink roses

Pink roses (Photo credit: Colin-47)

I was in Africa when my mother had a major stroke. I returned home on Saturday, and she went to be with the Lord on Sunday. They say that your hearing is usually the last to go. I talked to her even though she could not respond. I missed the opportunity to hear her voice one last time.

If your mother is living on this Mother’s Day, embrace her, and thank God for giving you your mother. People are a gift and you are a gift.

Even if your mother is deceased, or you have unforgiveness in your heart towards her, or you haven’t seen her in a long time and you don’t always get along. Why not express gratitude and honor to her for giving you life? Life is too short to keep grudges. Take time to bring all the unforgiveness and pain to Jesus.

My mother and I did fuss with one another at times. This is what mother-daughters do, especially when we are older, and our mothers want to give us unsolicited advice. Mothers are always see their daughters as young girls.

“Honor your father and mother” is the first commandment that has a promise attached to it, namely, “so you will live well and have a long life.” Ephesians 6:1-3, MSG

Don’t miss any opportunity to love your mother (or any other maternal figure who raised you). Make this one of the greatest Mother’s Day that you can give your mother.

Happy Mother’s Day!


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